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32,90 EUR*
Details The-Languages-of-Logic-An-Introduction-to-Formal-Logic

With the same intellectual goals as the first edition, this innovative introductory logic textbook explores the relationship between natural language and logic, motivating the student to acquire skills and techniques of formal logic. This new and ...

208,64 EUR*
Details Games-Unifying-Logic-Language-and-Philosophy-Unifying-Logic-Language-and-Philosophy-Logic-Epistemology-and-the-Unity-of-Science

Games: Unifying Logic, Language, and Philosophy This unique volume presents mathematical game theory as an interface between logic and philosophy. It provides a discussion of various aspects of this interaction, covers new technical results and ...

144,44 EUR*
Details Extensionalism-The-Revolution-in-Logic-The-Revolution-in-Logic

Extensionalism: The Revolution in Logic This vivid and thought-provoking book by the Israeli logician Nimrod Bar-Am impels one to rethink the place of logic in Western thought. It shows that the history of logic from Aristotle to Tarski is the history ...

143,90 EUR*
Details Memory-Based-Logic-Synthesis

Memory-Based Logic Synthesis In what will be a valuable reference for FPGA system designers and CAD tool developers, this book sets out the synthesis of logic functions using memories. Indeed, anyone using logic gates to design logic circuits will ...

202,06 EUR*
Details The-Semantics-and-Proof-Theory-of-the-Logic-of-Bunched-Implications-Applied-Logic-Series-Band-26

The Semantics and Proof Theory of the Logic of Bunched Implications Provides an account of the model theory, proof theory and computational interpretations of BI, the logic of bunched implications, which freely combines intuitionistic logic and ...

139,09 EUR*
Details Introduction-to-Fuzzy-Logic-using-MATLAB

Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Using Matlab Provides overview of the basics of Fuzzy Logic. This book discusses the fundamentals of Fuzzy Logic, and illustrates with various solved examples. It deals with applications of Fuzzy Logic, to help readers ...

19,77 EUR*
Details Flaud-Logic


198,65 EUR*
Details Programmable-Logic-Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers For courses in Programmable Logic Controllers where the Allen/Bradley programmable logic controller is the controller of choice. This text focuses on the theory and operation of PLC systems with an emphasis on program ...

196,26 EUR*
Details CMOS-Logic-Circuit-Design

CMOS Logic Circuit Design Deals with analysis and design of CMOS integrated digital logic circuits. This book covers various digital circuit design styles found in modern CMOS chips, emphasizing solving design problems using the various logic styles ...

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Details Woll-824-3LCL-Logic-Guss-Kasserolle-Induktion-24-cm-9-cm-hoch4-L-inklusiv-Logic-Glas-Edelstahldeckel-24-cm

Logic vereint zeitlose Schönheit mit höchster Qualität und Funktionalität. Modernste ­Hightech-Fertigung in Handarbeit sorgt für puren Genuss für Auge und Gaumen. Dabei zeichnet sich unsere neueste Serie Logic durch ihren ca. 7 mm starker Bodenstärke ...

133,86 EUR*
Details Logic-and-Design-of-Computer-Programs-LOGIC-DES-OF-COMP-PRP1

Logic and Design of Computer Programs This book is designed for use in a language -independent, introductory programming course. Its purpose is to help students learn general programming topics, structured programming principles, and how to use basic ...

35,49 EUR*
Details The-Death-of-Human-Logic-Human-Logic-on-Trial

The Death of Human Logic The book is a satire directed at human behaviour, particularly in regards to human priorities to choose between acts of humanitarianism and greed. The author notes that politics indeed is part and parcel of life but no where ...